After returning to the UK from Italy where Ellie and me spend a few years looking after the famous Cambiano collies I had my first litter of smooth in 1986.
2011 saw another nice litter of Blue and Tricolour smooth collie puppies bred thanks to the help of Tony and Carol French Frendent smooth’s who had the litter for me   from Westbridge Colour Of Love (Alice) by a Tricolour boy The Blacksmith At Chicnoire who is from the last litter bred from Judith White (Dancerwood) who carry’s some of the older English lines I have kept back Westbridge Gofanon (Tri boy) and Westbridge Blue By You (Blue merle girl) Tony and Carol has Westbridge Mr Fantastic (Tri  boy )Westbridge Blue Fantasy (Blue merle girl ) Westbridge Silver Vintage ( Blue merle girl ) who may be in the ring in 2012 !!!!!!
I would like to say a big thank you to Jeanette Savlund oneway smooth collies in Sweden for allowing One ways Charlie Harper blue merle male to come over to us in the UK it has taken a lot of thought and care in finding this wonderful boy and I am so great full to have him here.
We have some nice youngsters coming on which maybe our last litter of smooth’s although I love the breed imp not as happy with some off the other breeders who feel they need to bad mouth others and there dogs which in a rare breed like smooth’s is very sad that a few that feel the need to do this where we should all be working together to keep this great British breed going.

Here is the breed standard for smooth collies 

The obvious difference between the breeds Rough and Smooth Collies is the coat length, which in the case of the Smooth Collie is short and flat with a harsh texture on a dense undercoat. Colour range is the same, although one tends to see more Blue Merles in Smooths than in Roughs. As a result, the blue and blue-flecked eye is more characteristically seen in Smooths. Both breeds’ standards call for a gay, friendly disposition without a trace of nervousness or aggression.
Breed Group Pastoral Vulnerable Native Breed ,
Size Medium
How much exercise? Up to 1 hour per day
Length of coat Short
How much grooming? Once a week Supposedly sheds?* Yes
Town or Country Either Type of home Small or Large House Minimum Garden Size Small/Medium
Lifespan Over 10 Years 

Health Information
You may be aware that some breeds of dog (and crossbreeds too) can be susceptible to inherited disease. Of course you want to be sure that the dog you choose is as healthy as possible, and you would like to know that it has not inherited any undesirable disease-causing genes from its parents. There is some help in that DNA tests for diseases in purebred dogs are available for some conditions in some breeds, but there are not very many such tests just yet! There are also, however, a number of clinical veterinary screening schemes that dog breeders can use to increase the probability of producing healthy puppies. 

Acceptable Colours for Registrations
Blue Merle
Sable & White

Details of the various screening schemes, both veterinary and DNA, that are available to breeders in the UK can be found at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/doghealth

Schemes or advice relevant to this breed
Kennel Club Assured Breeders must use the following screening schemes and/or advice for sires and dams

•BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme
Kennel Club Assured Breeders are strongly recommended to use the following screening schemes and/or advice for sires and dams

•DNA test - CEA/CH
•BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme
•BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme - Litter Screening
The following other health tests are also available.

•DNA test - MDR1
The list above is not necessarily comprehensive. Breed clubs and experienced breeders are useful sources of information on health issues in the breed. All breeds have a Breed Health Coordinator.

Breed club for UK 




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